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You come get da voodoo by PersonalAmi
You come get da voodoo
Mithil was a powerful mage and had the favor of a strong serpent loa, which meant she rarely was without suitors or admirers. Since she also enjoyed a romp in the bed as much as the next troll, she frequently indulged in some bedplay with some of them. They hardly ever refused. As a wise old troll had said; "Voodoo be powerful mojo, good and bad. But voodoo also be many t'ings mon. Ya should be careful. In many cases ya should stay away from de voodoo.But, if a lady troll tells ya to come get de voodoo, you go get de voodoo, ya big silly."

Commissioned by Mist
Anchorite Vyssele by PersonalAmi
Anchorite Vyssele
A commission of the mischievous Draenei priestess, Vyssele, having fun while laid waiting for someone!
Commissioned by Vyss
The Mystery Hunters Club: A girls' day off by PersonalAmi
The Mystery Hunters Club: A girls' day off
Being part of the Mystery Hunter Club means facing many demonic and magical challenges on a daily basis, leaving little spare time outside of the club, training and school work. But not today - Veronika and Lucene decide they need to take a day off to enjoy some extra free time... And explore their feelings for each other further...

Commissioned by Lunetax & Shadowscythe85
Lyronia Delana'thal by PersonalAmi
Lyronia Delana'thal
Character sheet for Lyronia. From left to right:

Sunreaver combat outfit

Streamlined as the base for the outfit with a cover to protect against the elements. The outfit is meant to help the mage move fluently and display the sin'dorei's pride in the colours and shapes, both of the garments as of the body. 

Magisterial gala dress
A magistrix's job doesn't end on the battlefield. Political mingling and parties, too, are part of the weekly tasks. A dress made to fit, the Blood Elven gatherings always start off mild and timid with plentiful clothes and political debate. 

Afterparty ensemble
As the hours grow late and the alcohol and bloodthistle more plentiful, the clothes on the Blood Elven partygoers change to lighter, more showing and daring. As the people become more susceptible to the alcohol, they too become more vulnerable to political persuasion through other means. 

Dark room undergarments
With a single other partner or more, the rooms in the back fill up with aroused and excited sin'dorei of all genders. Clothes are shed, laps occupied and lips meet on regular basis. Only the most enticing outfits are fit to be taken to the beds and couches in the dark room.

Sometimes an outfit doesn't need to cover anything. Merely the curves of the bust, rune-covered hips and butt are enough to excite the significant other as their hands caress the skin.  

Which outfit would you pick?
Seduction at Sea by PersonalAmi
Seduction at Sea
Jilani Snowstar was studying portal magic and, having learned all the major patterns and a few of the minor in Kalimdor, was now set for the Eastern Kingdoms.
Unfortunately she didn't know any of the portal patterns there so she had to secure a ship transport from Gadgetzan to Booty Bay.
This presented some problems however. There were pirates lurking in the waters outside the goblin port and judging from the look of the ships and crew in the port more than half of those were pirates too, just ones who happened to be allied with, or working for, the Steamwheedle Cartel.

She tried to find a reputable ship with a good crew and captain that also looked tough enough to not be bothered by the pirates waiting off the coast but after three weeks she still hadn't found a ship and captain she was prepared to trust. The desert winds and heat were also getting bothersome and she decided she would have to search for a ship with less stringent criteria from her.

The next day she went to the portmaster and asked his advice for a "not too disreputable" ship that wasn't likely to get set upon by pirates.
The portmaster was happy to provide a suggestion, for a price of course. Purse noticeably lighter she went down to the port to speak with a certain Capitan Wesgar.

The captain, a human, proved willing to take her to Booty Bay. For a price that lightened her purse even more.
Still, while somewhat disreputable-looking he did make the impression that he and his ship would be well-equipped to deal with pirates and Jilani agreed to his price.
The next day the ship sailed off at the morning tide. Jilani had soon stowed her belongings in the small, but reasonably clean, cabin and stood on the deck to feel the ocean breeze, blessedly free from the fine sand that seemed to get everywhere in Gadgetzan.

The journey got off to an uneventful start, though Jilani suffered a few days of seasickness once they hit the rolling swells of the ocean. A tea made by the ship's cook and getting used to the movement helped calm her stomach though. The crew was reasonably polite, even if most of the men and a few of the women ogled her when she was on deck, and Captain Wesgar proved to be surprisingly charming in a roguish sort of way.
Jilani suspected that he and his crew were pirates allied with the Steamwheedle Cartel, or at least had some kind of arrangement with them, but since they hadn't captured her for ransom yet she was probably safe.

One night the Captain invited her to dinner in his cabin. Jilani dithered a bit over whether to accept or not, but finally decided to go ahead with it.
She decided to dress up a bit for the occasion. Her travel wardrobe was limited compared to what she had access to in Dalaran but she still had a few dresses to pick from.
Choosing the light but elegant dress she had bought for soirées in the warmer parts of Kalimdor she went to the captain's cabin in the rear of the ship and was let in immediately.
It turned out Captain Wesgar had dressed up a bit for the occasion too. He wore a blue jacket with gold braiding and gold buttons, dark trousers with blue stripes down the side and polished black seaman boots. He cut quite the impressive figure in it and judging from his grin after he looked her quickly up and down he enjoyed the view of her in her dress too.

The food was quite good and the wine excellent. He had even set up flowers here and there, and where he had gotten those in the middle of the ocean Jilani had no idea but she was impressed. Despite the fancy trimmings though, the conversation was hardly what it would have been in a soirée in Darnassus or Theramore.
Wesgar's first words after welcoming her had been "Not bad for a pirate, eh?" making a grand gesture to the cabin and giving her a proud grin.
"Indeed not, I am quite impressed." Jilani had replied sincerely.
They had eaten and drank and was now polishing off the last of the desert, peaches and ice cream (and where had he gotten -ice cream- on a ship in tropical waters?).
Jilani, feeling quite relaxed and with a pleasant buzz from the excellent wine looked over at the captain.
"Tell me captain, why haven't you tried to capture me and demand a ransom from me? I thought that was the sort of things pirates did."
Wesgar took a sip of his wine and then grinned. "Sure, but you're a mage. I don't kidnap mages."
He grimaced and shrugged. "Tried it once, but the bastard set fire to the ship with the wave of a hand. Lost the ship and half the crew."
Jilani smiled a bit crookedly. "So now you go after people and treasure that aren't quite so... volatile?"
The captain grinned and stood up. "Indeed. Much safer for all involved."
He went over to her chair and offered her a hand. Jilani took it and rose, a quizzical expression on her face."
"Are you proposing we finish this with a dance, captain? On a rolling ship, with no music?" she asked in an amused tone.
Wesgar grinned. "Not at all. I don't intend to kidnap you for ransom, milady mage, but there's more than one kind of treasure to plunder."
With that he pulled her firmly against him and bent his head slightly to kiss her.

After a moment of surprise Jilani responded to the kiss and slid a hand down to his butt. This was not at all what she had intended or even imagined when she set out from Gadgetzan, but she didn't mind.
He -was- quite handsome, in a rugged sort of way. She squeezed her hand. And with a nice, firm ass too.Wesgar lifted her off the deck and carried her over to a small table by the large windows in the back where he put her down again, finishing off with another kiss.
Jilani's voice was husky with arousal when the kiss broke. "Well captain, no need to 'plunder' this treasure. I'm quite willing. Let's get you out of those clothes."
They both started getting out of their clothes, broken by frequent kisses, nibbles and fondling.
And a good time was had by all.

Commissioned by Mist, all the text by Mist
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